Frequently asked customer questions. 

What is Caflin ?

Caflin, which was created in late 2017, is a marketplace for all things football. We focus on providing our customers with products which are rare, vintage, and new. We also welcome vendors to sell their products. Our website's goal is to spread football culture through buying and selling products from all around the world. You don't have to look any further for what you're looking for, we offer everything from boots to scarfs.

How many items can I order at once ?

All transactions only allow one product to be purchased at a time. If you wish to purchase more than one item at a time you must perform separate transactions.

How do we guarantee authenticity ?

Caflin guarantees authenticity by requiring vendors to ship their items to our headquarters before the customer can receive their merchandise. This is required to ensure authenticity, product correctness, and prevention of any fraudulent activity. Any vendor who does not abide by these rules will be subject to account termination.

Where is our company HQ ?

Our company headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

How and when will a vendor receive payment once they have sold an item ?

The payment process is quite simple. After a vendor has sold an item they are required to ship it to our headquarters. Once the vendor receives the shipping information and the package is received at our office, the vendor will receive their payment after a 5% service fee has been deducted.

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